Stanthorpe Show

Hi,  I'm having a show at the Stanthorpe Regional Gallery.  Opening on the 10th January 2020.  All welcome.

How to paint fast foliage, trees and forests.

On request, my students have asked me to add this technique video for them to refer to. It's a pretty simple technique once you get the hang of it and follow the instructions closely. Enjoy and keep creating.

Get It In Perspective

Linear & Aerial Perspective & Tone   Just as the magician uses “tricks” to deceive us, the artist too has certain techniques which can create the illusion of 3 dimensions.  These tricks fall into these two categories.   Linear   Linear perspective refers to the phenomena by which objects appear to decrease in size as

Have you visited my Bluethumb store yet.

I also add my work to my Bluethumb site.  This is the work I just loaded. Pop over and have a look at any time.

Drawing a Face Made Simple. (Schemata)

Want to know how to draw a face, simply and effectively? Check out my videos under the tab at the top or duck over to youtube for a quick tutorial.

Mixing the Ochre Palette.

Hi Here is a simple Ochre palette that's great for landscapes and portraits. You can read all about it or duck over to my youtube channel and watch me mix it in person. The Ochre Palette   Start with Cadmium Mid Yellow and mix in a little violet. This will give you a Yellow

Playing with Shadows

Sometimes it's just black and white.

What Medium do I use in my Oil Paint?????   Here is a link to my Youtube tutorial  but if you want a quick rundown read below: MIXING YOUR OWN MEDIUMS     The Rule of Mediums is    LEAN TO FAT.     At the beginning of the painting, use a lean medium to block in large areas and to help spread and


For those of you who LOVE Bluethumb like I do, you will find me there as a Featured Artist.  I'm very grateful that they've added me to their list of Artists.  I have quite a few works for Sale there and it's fun to browse through the varied and many beautiful works that are on