Etchings, Drypoints & Lino Prints

The experiment into Acrylic Plate Etchings came about from owning Armisteads Quality Picture Framing & Gallery.

I hate throwing things away if I can re-purpose them.  When we use Artist’s Acrylic (Perspex) in exhibition frames, the offcuts become smaller and smaller until they are no longer usable.  It seemed a shame to just throw out perfectly good small pieces.  So one day I scratched a little feather design into one and inked it up and printed it.  Perfection!!!!  I was instantly in love with the process and began a series of experimental etchings.  The Southern Boobook or Spotted Owl was my first real success.

Currently there are more plates being created.  I’ve just begun a suite of prints relating to the old Gold Mining days of the area.  Stay tuned.  The work is in my heart, I just have to let my hands catch up with my head.

All works are on either 250 gsm Fabriano or Stonehenge paper.  Most etchings run in a limited edition of 20.

Contact me for information of Print Numbers available

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