Portraiture is something that I really enjoy.  The chance to capture a moment in time.  To connect with the sitter and engage the viewer.  I always try to capture the essence of the person sitting for a portrait.  To find that little quirky something that makes them uniquely themselves.  I’m quite happy to work from a photograph if distance is an issue or time restrictions apply.

In the past I have been commissioned to paint portraits from old photographs, sometimes black and white and add colour.

To commission your portrait, please fill out the contact form supplied.

I will require a model release form to be signed.

Prices range from $250 for a 300 x 400 mm canvas with a plain background.  The bigger the canvas, the more materials used.  These canvases will be priced according to size and subject matter.  The more elements in the work, the longer it will take to complete.  Please be aware of these stipulations before filling in the contact form.  If you are happy to proceed then we will collaborate and make a gorgeous painting that you will treasure for years to come.  Who Knows!!!!  Maybe a new family heirloom is just about to start.  I’m always excited by the process and project of making the work suit the personality of the sitter.

Contact me soon and we’ll get started or if you’d like to have a go at painting your own portrait or someone you love, check out my Painting Classes.