What do Art Judges look for?

Elements of art A work of art can be analyzed by considering a variety of aspects of it individually. These aspects are often called the elements of art. A commonly used list of the main elements include form, shape, line, color, value, space and texture. Contents 1 Form 2 Line 3 Color 4 Space 5

Wishing and Hoping

As an Artist we often wish we could paint like someone else, or wish we had that idea, or why didn't we think of that or try that. Well today I was looking at my work and I realised that I paint like me. No-one else paints exactly like me or has my ideas or

Life Interrupts Art

Sometimes Life Interrups rather than Immitates Art.  It's a constant struggle with Artists who aren't given the luxury of working on the Art Practise full time.  It can be annoying and frustrating.  But the true Artists carries their work in their heart and continues to both inspire and be inspired in these slow periods and

What is Fine Art Anyway.

I've been  asked "What is "Fine Art" anyway?", because they had been turned away by a Gallery. I guess the distinction between fine art and craft refers to the level of understanding of color, composition, ability and training. I judge and take part in a lot of art prizes etc. Fine Art by definition is

How Do I Price My Work.

Here’s a question I am asked at least once a week in my Framing Business by local Emerging Artists.   I have a very simple formula to follow which will assure you of getting your outlay to make the work back plus pay your commissions and make a profit.   The formula is:   Your outlay

When down time matters.

Well, I've been sick.  Poor me.  But NO.  It's been a revelation.  When you have nothing better to do that lay around, and get awfully sick of feeling sorry for yourself there has to be a plan B. This came as a welcome break from the work I needed to make and I found myself

Are you winning Art Prizes?

How to be selected or Win Art Prizes. Art Prizes and Awards are by nature a bit of an elaborate lottery, but you can greatly improve your chances of selection by some attention to detail and here are some tips you might like to employ.  Most important of all is to believe in yourself and

The Value of Art in the Community

Artists and Galleries are repeatedly challenged to defend the value and significance of their endeavours, backed against the wall, they struggle with self funding and recognition with ever dwindling resources and the effects of the economic downturn.  As a past student of  TAFE and now working in the Arts for the past 15years my question

Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

A little while ago I sent my application in to the Australian Guild of Realist Artists and waited patiently for a response. The application has to go in front of a Committee of 3 selectors and you need to be accepted by all 3.  AND I WAS!!!  Very happy with this and looking forward to


So I've just created a facebook page for everyone to share their creative endeavors.  So if you paint it, draw it, etch it, sing it, write it, read it or just create something of your own with your heart and hands we would all like to see it.