What Medium do I use in my Oil Paint?????

What Medium do I use in my Oil Paint?????



Here is a link to my Youtube tutorial  but if you want a quick rundown read below:




The Rule of Mediums is    LEAN TO FAT.



At the beginning of the painting, use a lean medium to block in large areas and to help spread and blend the paint.


As you progress through the work, the medium should become fatter.


And finally, transparent glaze mediums are used at the end of the work.




1 part gum turps to 1 part linseed oil.




1 part gum turps to 2 parts linseed oil.




Equal parts of gum turps, linseed oil and damar varnish.


About the Author:

Rhonda Armistead is a contemporary Artist from Lismore in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia. Mediums include, Oils and Acrylics on Canvas, Reduction Plate Lino Prints, Etchings on Acrylic Plates, Drawings, Sketches in Pencil and Charcoal and Fine Line Pen. Her paintings include Portraits, Landscapes and Contemporary Abstract pieces. Commonly, she explores the intrinsic biodiversity and nature studies of the Region along with expressive portraiture and dramatic combinations of both, usually with an underlying message encapsulated within the symbolism and aesthetic of the work. Rhonda also produces a range of hand crafted jewelry under the name of "Web of Life Designs" All her works are an intimate conversation between head, heart and hand.

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