Painting Classes with Rhonda

Beginners to Advanced.

2 Hour Lessons       11am – 1pm Saturday   or   5.30 – 7.30pm Wednesdays.   $30 per lesson.

Phone Rhonda on 66228011 to reserve your easel the first time you come.

Come and join us in a relaxed, sharing and friendly atmostphere. 

Lessons are continuous and casual, with no structured classes.  You bring along the image you want to paint, or we’ll find one together and help you to get the best outcome for your painting.

Our goal is to be able to work on Technique, Perspective, Composition and Colour Theory.

To recognize these elements in other works and apply the principles to your own work. 

How to create drama and tension both in the work and with colour. 

How to see what you want to draw. 

Mixing your own colour and mediums.

General problem solving and critique.



You will need:

Paint (you can purchase these at the Studio)

Mars Black Iron

Cadmium Mid Yellow

Paynes Grey

Titanium White

Blue Violet (Dioxazine)

Primary Red

Primary Blue (cobalt)



Liner brush (fine tip)

Selection of Flat and Round Brushes

1 Large 30 – 40 cm brush (standard from Hardware Store – more square than thin)

Palette Knife (round end not square)

Fan Brush


Blank canvas

Artist Diary (sketch pad)


Works in progress


Photos or picture ideas of things you’ve seen and liked and you want to paint.

All paint and mediums materials are available at Armistead’s.

if you’d like to share you work or look at the works that other artists are creating then I’d invite you to like my group